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meditation and mantras: Intro to Meditation

I hear it all the time these days...meditation is becoming a 'catch phrase.' I hear people say, "I really need to DeStress." "I really need to learn to relax and chill out." "I know I should learn to meditate, but I just don't think I could slow down enough to do it."

Is this you? What if meditation could be made simple and easy? What if you could be guided easily into a Mindfullness Practice, and come out the other side a much more relaxed and healthy individual, with better coping skills and a toolkit to help you DeStressify?

Learn simple and accessible techniques to find focus, calm and quieting the mind, learn to be mindful and present, and let go of stress more easily. Everyone can learn to meditate! This 6-week course is intended to help you experience success while you 'destressify' and begin to develop a daily practice for inviting peace.

Join this 4 week program to create a more Mindful you!

Workshop Dates:

Wednesday evenings: Nov 21-Dec 12, 7-8pm

Location: InnerOM's Healing Arts Studio, Orangeville, ON.

Cost: $60.00



“When you can quiet the fluctuations of your mind and drift into stillness & silence, you can finally hear the whispers of your heart… the whispers of god.”
- Daviji, Secrets of Meditation

Pulling from a variety of meditation techniques including Buddhist, mindfulness, breathwork, and Vedic traditions, Sarah  weaves a course designed to help you overcome stagnant patterns in your life and move towards greater fulfillment.

On this 8-Week journey you will explore the life concepts of both traditional and modern teachings to help ignite transformation in your lives. Coupling these teachings with a deepening practice of meditation will help you reduce stress, improve communication, make positive change and live with greater peace.

Workshop Dates: TBA for Winter of 2019.

Location: InnerOM's Healing Arts Studio, Orangeville, ON.

Cost: $240 including HST (8 week workshop), includes davidji's The Secrets of Meditation book (sessions are 90 minutes in length). Please contact me directly if you are interested.

Individual Meditation Classes, Corporate and Outside Events

If you, your company, or organization would like access the benefits of greater peace, calm and stress-reduction through, meditation please contact me directly to discuss the details.

munay-ki shamanic rites

Munay-ki Shamanic Healing was brought to the west by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, who spent over ten years in the Andes, Amazon and Peru learning the ancient healing practices of the ‘Earth Keepers’. He was given the responsibility to bring these healing practices to the west and make them accessible to ALL people. There are nine Shamanic Rites that will bring participants grounding, protection, healing, insight, and purpose. These rites are not for practitioners, but for ALL who seek to experience this healing earth energy.

Class Dates:  The Rites take place over 3 days.

Dates available THIS FALL 2018.

Location:  InnerOM's Healing Arts Studio, Orangeville, ON.

Cost:  $350 including HST.


Reiki Level 1 & 2 Workshop

Inner Om Wisdom Reiki Classes

Reiki is a hands-on energy healing practice created by Dr. Mikao Usui in the late 1800's. Working with the 7 main chakras of energy, Usui Reiki teaches the practitioner how to work with energy for the benefit of their own balancing and healing, or for that of other's. Reiki is less of a 'doing' and more of an 'opening' to allow innate Universal energy to work through us. This two day intensive includes understanding about the chakras, giving treatments, the use of Reiki symbols (Level 2), grounding, and personal transformation in relation to the practice of Reiki and Reiki philosophy.

Cost: $350 plus HST

Time: 9:30am-4:30pm

Dates: Contact me if you are interested for classes this October through December 2018.

Location: InnerOM's Healing Arts Studio, Orangeville, ON.

Note: class sizes are kept small and intimate. If you and 3-5 friends are interested in taking this course, please contact me and we can arrange a special date. Maximum of 8 participants.

Women's full moon circle and drumming


Come and share in the company of women and a Sacred Safe Space your Divinity with Grandmother Moon and your sisters. Ceremony includes crystal clearing, aboriginal smudge and intention setting, aboriginal drumming and song (for those that want to sing). Come to celebrate yourSelf and your Sisterhood.

The native hand-drum beats the rhythm of Mother Earth's heartbeat. And when we join together in song, in rhythm, in chanting or in dance...we are celebrating our very existence...our Light.

Cost: By Donation (suggested $5)

Time: Monthly close to the Full Moon if possible (contact me if you are interested in joining).

Location: InnerOM's Healing Arts Studio, Orangeville, ON.