In between my teaching and healing work, I love to bring myself back to a creative space. Whether creating unique meditation mala necklaces and bracelets, or aboriginal hand-drums…creativity always brings me back to a meditative space. Being with my breath, setting powerful intentions and energy into these gifts that I create with you in mind.

My ‘Wisdom Store’ is not always fully stocked, so please be patient when you make your orders. I also can hand-design pieces specifically for you and your needs. I look forward to sharing my creative intentions with you!

Custom Mala Bracelet

Contact me with your preferences, wrist size at the largest point, and energetic intentions. Please allow at least two weeks for creation and delivery.

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Custom Meditation Mala

These unique one-of-a kind custom meditation malas are created for you with hand-knotting silk in between each bead. The beads are each placed with Reiki energy and healing intention. There are 108 main chakra centres in the body. A mala can be used by passing each bead between thumb and first finger as you repeat a mantra to create a single-point of quiet focus. Malas can include hand-made tassel, and Buddha head or Buddha stone as the guru bead.

Please contact me with your preferences and allow at least two weeks for creation and delivery.

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Aboriginal Hand-Drum

I trained under Metis Elder Leon Fleury to make these aboriginal hand-drums. This is one of my deep connections to my Cree, Mohawk, Metis heritage. I make the wooden frames myself, and craft the webbing to weave into your drum the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the healing energy of our ancestors. My drums are mostly in deer-hide, representing the energy of compassion. Some drums may also be buffalo hide. Drums come without the decorative ribbons and beads, unless you would like me to add those.

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