Full Moon Magic

Full Moon Magic

I feel the magic ripple through

                my veins,

                course through my being

                my breath connects me

                                to the Qi

                                to the ‘real’ me

                                that rests within.

No different from the Expansive Universe without.

I too, have Light and Dark

                Hopes and fears

                Love and sorrow

                ‘Less than’ and more

The Shaman-ess in her

                purest state


Goes beyond and within with Love

                to the “I AM”

                to the deepest heart of the matter

                “I AM”

We are who we choose to be

                In our domestication

Through each choice we pine,

                And divine our life in a direction.

But how do we undo the

                Lifetimes of Karma in the mud?

There is greater purpose here for me-

I wait, mid-air, mid-space, with breath, almost held,

                waiting for my heart to guide me in…

that navigation tool of Love’s clarity- to what?

What is my purpose beyond what I know?

What is in the great unknown that I Long for?

Where does ONENESS begin and the Egoic “I” end?

In meditation, in Silence

Here…I Breathe, Let Go, Trust, Receive,

Here…I Believe.

I feel the Full Moon Magic

                and the great expansive Universe of endless possibility is

                my friend,

                my Lover,

                my Heart,

                my Soul – is ME.

I Dip again into Silence…and I am Free.


-Sarah Ritchie-

(Full Moon January 1st, 2018)

The Path is Yours

The Path is Yours

The path is yours...and although others may guide you,

     or lead the way,

In the end it's all about trusting the guidance inside;

the relationship of yourSelf to your heart,

yourSelf to God,

                               yourSelf to your Soul,

and your connection with each precious moment that stands in front of you.

The path is yours...


-Sarah Ritchie-

Let Go

Let Go

I look at the trees in their steadfast silence and peace,

     in tune with the seasons and the natural cycles of the earth,

they have embraced change.


Pulled all the juicy nutrients of their year from their leaves

     all of the experiences whether sunshine or storm,

     and then, simply,

                     Let Go.


Shred the past moment,

                     to be Here,

                          Ever Present.

                                  My Teachers.


-Sarah Ritchie-



Soul Knowing

Soul Knowing

I am at Ease

     with All That IS,

And my Soul knows

     how to guide me.


-Sarah Ritchie-




Deep stillness...
Cracks open
            the fear
                        of 'just' BEING...

All that I AM
            already IS
                        and WAS

And shall remain
            like the pure vibration
            of each cell in my body
            and deeper still...

            and yet so alive

Vibrant waves of Silence and Peace
            cascade over my BEING

Indescribable but with the
            depth of a Long Gaze
            or a breath of the universe...


                                    - Sarah Ritchie -

(written during the davidji Masters of Wisdom and Meditation teacher training, March 2015)