Healing within Sacred Space

Healing sessions with Sarah may vary from session to session, sometimes with more emphasis on healing with Reiki, Shamanism and intuitive Body work, and some days with greater emphasis on intuitive coaching, healing dialogue and communication. Whether in person, or over a distance, I hold a sacred space for your healing and transformation. All healing happens within; allow me to help facilitate you on the pathway to your own inner healer.

Sarah Ritchie Intuitive Healing & Coaching

I started my journey working with energy over 25 years ago during my Shiatsu apprenticeship training in Japan...and during intuitive healing sessions I employ one or several techniques to help you access your own deep innate healing powers. Reiki, a hands-on healing approach created by Dr. Mikao Usui, works with the 7 chakra energy centres in the body to naturally release or increase energy in an area, having potentially both physical and emotional healing benefits. Guided Soul Meditations may be used to help you get-in-touch with your True Self, feel more balanced and at peace. As an Earth-keeper, I use Shamanic healing, calling on the energies of the four directions, and working with the deeper energies of the spirit. This can be used to bring profound self-realization and peace.

Inner OM Wisdom Intuitive Healing & Coaching

Intuitive coaching is work that will enable you to access more deeply your personal power in healing, learning to sense and trust your own intuition and provides a reflecting point to bring positive changes in your life. All coaching sessions are focused around present moment awareness and going more deeply into understanding our hopes, needs and desires, and accessing the inner tools we have to begin manifesting the vision we want.

Although I hold a license as an RMT, these coaching and energy healing practices are not covered under the licensing and will be billed separately.  All Intuitive Coaching and Healing Sessions happen organically, so please come without expectations and be open to whatever experience is needed on that day.

"LOVE is the great miracle cure
Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives."
 -Louise Hay


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