Community & Friends

I was blessed to have a meeting with Shaman David Wylie in the winter of 2015. He had been doing healing work at a local retreat, and friends of mine were hosting him at their B&B. When I invited my friends out to dinner one night, what I got instead was a chance meeting with David.

I was moved by some discussion we had in which he taught from the wisdom of his experience; he basically stated that the cause of much of our illness in modern society is that we have become so distanced from our roots. He reminded me that at our core we have ALL come from indigenous communities, and that it is only in the last 200 years or so that industrialized society has pulled us away from living in small communities and on the land. And in the native community in which he lives, people don't identify so much as individuals as a part of the community.

This is a time when we need more and more to return to a sense of community. I believe that it is through our connection to community and caring for each other with compassion, caring and kindness...we begin to create a global climate of tolerance, equanimity, healing and Light.

I urge you to take the time, in small or big ways, to become involved in your community in some way. Volunteer your time or services to the many organizations for youth, the elderly, animals in needs, families in transition or other groups in need.

It's just one small way I believe that I can make a difference.


Listed here are some of the friends and members of my community who make this world a more special place. - my sweet husband and talented blues n' jazz musician, who always brings music into my life. -my dear teacher and friend who has contributed so much heart-opening and Light to my path! - my Soul Sister and fellow meditation teacher, for those who are in the Kawartha Lakes region. - I could not ask for a more dedicated team of healing folk and friends, including naturopaths, osteopaths, massage and me (acupuncture, Shiatsu, Reiki) - my first and dearest Yoga teacher and friend, also an amazing Reiki Master, Mala and Meditative Jewelery Designer, and intuitive guide in the Oakville area.

Find your Home...find your InnerOM.