Choose the Healing Session that most supports YOU!

The following healing sessions can assist you with healing on all levels; physical body, mental stress and anxiety, and connection to soul. Healing sessions may help you to

  • reduce anxiety

  • manage depression

  • sleep better

  • create stronger mind-body awareness

  • strengthen the immune system

  • manage pain or dis-ease

  • connect to your True Self

  • gain clarity and insight

  • connect to your purpose



Reiki Healing Session / Distance Reiki Healing Session

Reiki, based on Master Usui's system of healing, heals through grounded intention. Allow your body and mind to let go and open up to the deep relaxation and healing of Reiki energy work. Reiki works with the chakras in order to invite balance back into the body. Whether hands-on or distance healing, Reiki can truly bring you back to stillness and well-BEing.

$110.00 CDN for 60 minutes


Intuitive Coaching Session / Skype Intuitive Coaching Session

When we sit 'in presence' with another with a deep Soul Connection, information can become available to assist you on your journey. Let me help you to connect to your own intuition, your emotional healing, your guides, and your True Self. Let the learning lead you to a greater ability to know and understand self-Love, worthiness and inner peace as the foundation of your experience.

$110.00 CDN for 45 minutes


Shamanic Healing Session / Distance Shamanic Healing Session

Shamanic healing calls in the energies of the four directions, our native spirit guides, the grounding energy of Mother Earth, and Light-filled energy of the Creator to connect us to our innate healing on many levels. Connecting deeply to, and releasing the root causes of imbalances will often clear us of unwanted patterns and blocks that impede our health and emotional wellness. Book a Shamanic healing session to cut chords from the past, and step fully into the Light!

$110.00 CDN for 60 minutes


Not sure what you want? Book a Holistic Healing Session either in person or via Skype

Not sure what you need? Book a Holistic Healing Session. This session will flow fluidly according to what is needed at the moment, and may include Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Intuitive Coaching, Angel card reading, Chakra tuning, Healing chants, and Aboriginal drumming.

$110 CDN for 60 minutes