About Sarah

I am passionate about the teaching and healing work I do, assisting people to live more fulfilling lives from practicing stillness, developing greater compassion and allowing self-discovery. I teach people how to connect with greater calm, presence, and trust in themselves and in the Universe.


Sarah's Story

After years of doing healing work with Shiatsu Massage, Acupuncture and Reiki, I began to feel that I needed to go deeper to help people make lasting change. I witnessed people suffering from stress and emotional states that often disabled their healing process, and having suffered from anxiety and depression myself, I came to feel there had to be more. I knew I had to DO more...and so I went within. And in my first month of committing to meditation as the pathway to my own well-being...I felt a brilliant light go on! THIS is what we need to bring healing to our world!

 In 2015 I completed the Masters of Wisdom Meditation Teacher Training program with internationally known meditation and stress management teacher, davidji. I have such intense gratitude for my amazing teacher, who guides us all gently to find the guru within. This training was a life changing experience! Meditation was the missing link that brought me deep inner calm, greater confidence, creativity, lower blood pressure, better sleep and improved vitality. Every day meditation helps me to connect more deeply, make positive meaning, find self-acceptance, and bring healing both to myself and others.


About Sarah

  • Has been a Certified Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher since 2015.
  • Began this journey with studying Shiatsu apprenticeship-style under Master Nobuyuki Takeuchi at Akahigedo from 1992-1995 in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Loves to share by writing and teaching, holding both a BA. in English and a B.Ed.
  • Has been a Reiki Master and teacher since 2007, and teaches small semi-private Reiki classes.
  • Provides Intuitive Coaching Sessions to help you access your own inner guidance, peacefulness, and clarity on your journey.
  • Has been an RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) since 2004, with a practice focus on craniosacral therapy and Shiatsu. (Note: Sarah is not accepting any new clients for Registered Massage work).